Exploring Google Ngram

Tonight I explored Google Ngram, but it wasn’t the first time I did so. I find Google Ngram to be a very interesting tool, a tool that I could spend quite a bit of time playing with. I find it fascinating to track a word, or words, in lots and lots (and lots!) of books over a specific period of time. This tool is not only great for research and to spark ideas or hypotheses for a student or scholar, but it’s actually a great tool for anyone. (Well, anyone who’s as curious as a cat and is eager to learn!). Depending on the search, the results can open the average person’s eyes to culture and what’s important to our society. Of course, one can’t just search anything. By that I mean that one can’t simply try to find the use of the word “Facebook” in the eighteen hundreds. In order to search something, you need to know a bit about what you are searching. If you know how to use it then it could be very enlightening! It certainly was and continues to be for me! I suggest it!

That being said, here are my Google Ngram results! (You can either click on the link to go directly to the page or check out the picture.)


Google Ngram Viewer

For my Ngram I searched the words Technology, Digital, Digital Humanities, Humanities, and Internet in books from 1950-2000. The word “humanities” is not used very much at all in books while “Digital Humanities” is not at all. Then again, Digital Humanities is a fairly new term. “Digital” doesn’t seem to be used that often, either. However, the use of the word “technology” increased in the 1970s and is now at a steady usage. Not unexpectedly, the word “internet” sharply increased in 1990 with the creation of the World Wide Web.

Interesting, right?!


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