“We Walk” to Make a Difference

This week’s assignment for my Digital Literary Studies class is to follow a few Digital Humanities tweeters on Twitter. (Who knew there were so many DH tweeters! I guess I should have guessed. You can tell I’m not too familiar with Twitter…!) I followed quite a few of them! There were so many tweeters to follow. It made me realize that Twitter is a great tool to share knowledge and insights about the Digital Humanities. Here are some of the DH tweeters I followed. I highly suggest checking them out!







The other part of this week’s assignment was to either retweet/tweet a DH tweeter’s tweet or blog about one of their tweets (How many times can you say tweet in a sentence?). That being said, I’d like to tell you about my finding.

As I was scrolling through @CathyNDavidson’s twitter feed, I noticed that she retweeted a YouTube video twice. Intrigued, I decided to play the video. It was only fourteen seconds long, but fourteen seconds was all it took–I was enlightened. The video, which I am posting below, tells how thirteen year-old Estrella Hernandez from San Antonio created a video game/cell phone application to teach kids about taking care of their bodies through exercise, specifically walking. I was interested in this for two reasons. 1.) It’s connection to the digital humanities. Estrella’s game, called We-Walk, is an innovative way to teach and a very helpful and fun way to learn. She’s taking something that most kids love–video games–and turning it into a productive learning experience. 2.) Childhood obesity is a cause that is very close to my heart. I teach hands on cooking classes for a company that believes in teaching kids and their families healthier eating habits in order to combat childhood obesity. I think it’s great that Estrella is fighting for the same cause I am, but doing so in a modern, technological way. I wish her the best of luck!

Make sure to check out We-Walk’s website along with the video’s below to learn more about how Estrella is using technology to teach, to make a difference, and change the world.


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